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About Us

Stansfield Circle is a non-profit, volunteer social service organization working to provide funding, volunteers, and board assistance to Fletcher Place Community Center.  Our purpose has always been to bring positive change around us.  

We currently dedicate 100% of our efforts to support
Fletcher Place Community Center in Indianapolis, whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty.  Fletcher Place has served our Indianapolis east-side neighbors since 1872.

Through our fundraising efforts, we deliver learning and experiential activities to the REACH preschool. We organize a variety of fun activities throughout the school year, including holiday parties (which always include Santa and his reindeer) and visits from local museums. We support senior citizens through our monthly Golden Age program, which includes a communal hot lunch, bingo and special speakers. This event offers comradery and socialization, as well as an educational component. 


Dr. Joshua Stansfield

Additionally, we support the food pantry, thrift store, and serve on the Board of Directors.  We are hands up and hands on in philosophy.

Stansfield Circle had its beginnings in 1912.  That year, Dr. Joshua Stansfield, minister of Meridian Street Methodist Church, formed a committee to be a link between the church and social service work in the city.  It was called the Social Service Club.  Aid was given in various ways – support to French war orphans, milk money to School #12, college money loans to deserving, but needy students, and the purchase of everything from false teeth to sewing machines and steel chairs.


In 1934, Stansfield Circle created and sponsored Meridian Club, a community center that was soon hailed for significantly reducing juvenile delinquency in that area.  World War II curtailed much activity at the Meridian Club and after no great need was felt there, Fletcher Place Community Center became the main project of Stansfield.  Over the years, as our organization and fundraising efforts have grown, we have also supported a number of local and national charities.


In recent years, our group made the decision to focus all our efforts and fundraise exclusively for Fletcher Place.  Each month we are at the Center, having fun with the preschoolers and providing food and fellowship for the Golden Age participants.  Our sole fundraiser, Strikes for Stansfield, helps provide funding for those efforts and enables us to make a substantial financial contribution to the Center each year.  Our efforts remain steadfast in providing support and education for those in need in Indianapolis.  Our focus of community service has never wavered. We have always looked to serve where needed.

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