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Become a Member


Have you always wanted to serve the community in a

grass-roots way while building strong relationships

with like-minded women?  Stansfield Circle may be for you!



Stansfield Circle’s 35 active members work at Fletcher Place Community Center

near Fountain Square.  Members assist in the Preschool as teacher aides and participate in a number of special events throughout the school year.  Additionally, once a month, we bring nutritious meals into the Center and host luncheons for 60 senior citizens.  After lunch is served, we play a spirited game of Bingo with our guests.  Everyone wins – and all of our guests go home with a prize.


Membership in Stansfield Circle is open to anyone who is “willing to accept the purposes and policies of Stansfield and to accept the requirements and responsibilities of the organization". Responsibilities include:

  • Attending meetings/luncheons held the second Tuesday of every month September through May


  • Complete trips (Social Service Hours) to Fletcher Place to assist with in the Preschool classroom and with Golden Age luncheons.


  • Complete Stansfield and Fundraiser Hours by working at Strikes for Stansfield and by working on Stansfield committees.


  • Pay a small yearly dues. Members pay for an annual luncheon.


  • Solicit one donation of any amount for sponsorship of Strikes for Stansfield.


  • Donate or solicit two door prizes to be awarded at Strikes for Stansfield.


  • Throughout the year, members have opportunities to donate to Fletcher Place (i.e., preschool supplies, Golden Age bingo gifts, and teen Christmas gifts). These donations are voluntary, but welcomed.


Here are the answers to some questions you may have:


I have the time to give and the desire to help, but I’m worried about the costs of membership.


Stansfield never asks its members for more than they can give. Our dues are purposefully small and we ask that members solicit one donation for Strikes for Stansfield “of any amount". Your time and talent are more valuable to us than anything.


I work full-time, but would like to be a member.


If you have some flexibility in your work schedule (as several of our members do), and feel that you can make monthly meetings, committee meetings and hour requirements, Stansfield would   welcome your participation.


I would love to be in Stansfield! What do I do next?


Prospective members need a sponsor who is currently in Stansfield. They will invite you to a meeting so that you can see for yourself what we do and who we are.


We’d love to have you be a part of Stansfield Circle!

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